Amsterdam 2

The KLM flight this morning surprised me! I actually got some decent service and a passable breakfast! And so it bloody should be as the greedy bas****s charge me EUR 1.100 for their monopoly service to Holland. Lemme see, that works out at about 10 medium-priced Ryanair flights or a discount flight to Down Under – I see a niche in the market here – anyone has some cash to spare for a used 737??

Arrival at Schiphol is problem-free as I only have a little trolley, and I smoothly transfer onto a train to the exhibition halls. I am visiting the PLMA show – a large and very crowded exhibition of private label manufacturers – i.e. the suppliers to the big supermarket chains. It turns out to be an excellent visit, and I discover many large and previously unknown sprayer users!

I’m knackered this evening after the early morning start and the walk around the show, so I decide to find a restaurant close by the hotel in Rembrandtplein. Scoping out the offers, a sign catches my eye: Coco’s Outback – Lousy Food and Warm Beer! How could I resist such an offer?? It turns out to be an Aussie pub, the beer (Blanche de Namur) is cold and the Ostrich (!!) steak I choose is lean and tasty! The Noble Regiment continues to serve, even after it has been dispatched to the knacker’s yard!!

Declining the offers of Red Lights, Gay Bars and “Coffee Shops”, I move briskly to bed….

Goede nacht!

Amsterdam 1 – pre-dawn

VERY early start today: alarm goes off at 3:45 so that I can catch a 6:20 flight to Amsterdam. Blech! Apart from the odd lorry, no one ventures on the roads at this hour. I make my way in the growing light of dawn, there is more activity around VCE, and the airport is actually busy with assorted biz people and long-distance holidaymakers mostly travelling to the US. At this time there is not even a coffee shop open for a cappuccino, and so at least stave off sleep, not to mention the hunger pangs!