Arrived in Toronto this afternoon. How civilised it is to fly to Canada rather than the US – no pesky questions at boarding, no tiresome security searches and at arrival, Canada immigration is quick and efficient and does not subject you to fingerprinting and mugshots! My suitcase is delivered and I’m out of the airport within half an hour!

I travel on the airport bus into downtown: a compact centre of skyscapers by Lake Ontario, dominated by the CN Tower (still the tallest free-standing tower in the world?). On closer view, the CN Tower does not look quite picture-postcard handsome, in fact, the 1970s concrete looks rather stained! In the midst of the skyscrapers, several parks and Victorian government buildings and brown-brick mansions.

I check in the hotel and am too tired after the flight to wander around much, but a couple of things strike me:

  • the sheer number of Chinese faces – I know that many Chinese have emigrated to Canada, but I thought they were all in Vancouver and B.C.!
  • the face of Queen Elizabeth on the back of the loonie (Canadian Dollar) – one does forget this is the Loyalist bit of North America!

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