Veglione – New Year 2005

I hope y’all had a good run-up to 2005! We are at Albenga on the Italian Riviera with my brother-in-law. For our festivities we hired a beach cabana normally used in the summer as a beachside bar. About 12 families, 40 people in all, seated on beach chairs and tables, with plenty of space for the kids to run about when bored. We all had to take some food, with a central group being the catering organisers, but the final result was an overwhelming abundance of home-cooked delicacies!

A whole array of starters was lined up on the bar:

tortino di verdure (mini quiche with cheese, ham and artichokes)

panizza fritta (deep-fried chick-pea polenta, a dish so ancient you can imagine the roman legionaries eating it during their assaults on the Ingaunum tribe)

insalata di carciofi e gamberetti (salad of thinly sliced artichokes with shrimps)

Bagna Cauda (a delicious entrée from Piedmont, a warm anchovy, olive oil, garlic and milk sauce into which you dip fresh vegetable crudités)

crostini toscani (chopped liver on salt-free Tuscan bread), Lardo di Colonnata and other salamis, tiny pizza slices and much, much more.

As you may imagine, going through all these starters filled us up nicely, so not much space left over for the pasta course, but still I greatly enjoyed the penne alla puttanesca with tangy olive sauce, and al pesto with the locally made pesto, served plain with no potatoes or green beans.

By this time, we had rolled on towards midnight, so we suspended proceedings to open a dozen assorted bottles of spumanti and champagne. Obligatory round of greetings, then we continued with the ultra-traditional cotechino alle lenticchie (boiled pork sausage with lentils, supposedly to bring you loads of money in the New Year) and finished off with panettone and pandoro.

A great occasion! The only off note, as it were, was the music selection blaring from the ghetto blaster in the corner. The self-appointed DJ had stacks of CDs, but these were exclusively of 1970-80s disco music!! Yes, the main public was 40-something fogeys as myself, but at the umpteenth Barry Manilow and Bee Gees numbers and yet another conga-dance routine, I was yearning for something more modern!

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