Istanbul – Tike

Travelling to Istanbul this week to visit a packaging show where my Man in Turkey is exhibiting. I speak little Turkish, so my presence will be a mainly a “moral support” job. I arrive at Atatürk International to find it has been expanded yet again. However the queues for the visa and passport control are still long… the sooner Turkey enters the EU, the better!

I am picked up by my Man’s driver who ferries me to the hotel to drop my bags and then to the exhibition halls that are 20 km out of town. Horrendous traffic: Istanbul is expanding massively, and houses, apartment blocks and industrial areas are sprouting as mushrooms. I hope that they are respecting the earthquake codes…

There is the usual confusion of pre-fair work in progress at the exhibition site: workmen hammering, sawing and screwing stands together. Lots of stand people watching. Some booths seem to be totally deserted with no work going on at all. Our stand is happily almost finished, and all I have to do is to get our products nicely organised in the display cases. We give instructions to the cleaning party, then we’re off to brush up at the hotel and on to dinner.

Our chosen restaurant is called Tike in Florya, a well-to-do suburb of Istanbul near the airport. It can be described as a “modern” kebapcisi (kebab restaurant), lots of wood, neatly arranged tables, subdued lighting, indeed the impression is almost Japanese, not Levantine. It is a warm late summer evening, so we sit at the balcony…overlooking the Galatasaray football team training ground! Apparently the restaurant is very popular on training days!

The fare is the standard kebap variety: starters of Lahmacun (“Turkish Pizza”), Pastirmali Humus (chickpea hummus, but served warm with slices of pastirma meat on top) and Gavurdagi, a tomato salad with pomegranate juice and basil. To follow, assorted kebabs of lamb and chicken, including my favourite spicy Adana Kebap and Fistikli Kebap, made with minced meat and pistachios. As a dessert the delicious künefe, best described as a Weetabix filled with cream cheese and covered with honey syrup. Yum!

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