Smart Paris

Day out around Paris today. I’m taking advantage of a special lo-cost flight offer to fly in, meet a few new contacts and quickly out again. Flew with Volare Airlines yesterday evening, IMHO the most comfortable lo-cost airline, with a good seat-legroom. (What’s the technical term for this? The L-dimension??)

Arrival at Paris-Orly. Decidedly not as modern as Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. Long, loooong walkways to Terminal Sud, where a plaque proudly commemorates the opening by CDG himself in 1961.

I need a car. Before the flight, I checked out the offerings from Hertz, Avis, et. al. – what’s this?? EUR 120 to hire a Clio?? No way! A quick web search reveals that Sixt are offering a Smart Car “from EUR 5 a day”. With add-ons, it actually works out at EUR 33, but still a great offer! On arrival at Orly, I find that I’m assigned a SmartForTwo Cabrio. Even better – the weather is warm, the sun is shining and the idea of driving in view of the Tour Eiffel with the roof down and shades on is appealing!

I digress on this Smart – it’s the first car I’ve hired where I’ve had to consult the handbook before driving away! The ignition key hole is down by the gearstick, and has some kind of safety device built in so the engine will not start until you turn key to position 1, press a button, turn off again, and then turn key to on. Crazy! The gearbox itself is semi-automatic – no clutch, but you have to push the gearstick up and down to change gears, as directed by the “multifunction display” on the dashboard. Unless, of course the overrevving mechanism kicks in, which changes the gears automatically anyway. Takes some getting used to. The interior is roomy and comfortable (for two, of course!) and on the whole, I find the car good enough in city traffic, but it reminds me yet again why I hate automatic gearboxes: there is a stomach-lurching pause whilst the gears shift up and down. And I do wonder: where did they put the engine??

I regret there is nothing to report on the gastronomic front: time did not allow! A stop at midday at the Auchan Flunch for a salade verte with a Chaource and Buche de Chèvre cheese, and dinner at the gate area of Orly Airport: a bière pression with a sandwich jambon et crudités!!

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