Leisurely start this morning – the Spaniards don’t like visitors to their offices much before 10 am! My appointments today are in the valley (el Vallès) behind the Tibidabo mountain dominating Barcelona. Most of Barcelona’s industries seem to be clustered here, and new Poligonos Industriales are sprouting like mushrooms! Getting there involves negotiating the car through the jams of the Ronda de Dalt – the local equivalent of Paris’s Périphérique or London’s M25, on a smaller scale.

I have two meetings, then back to the airport for the flight across Spain to Vigo on the Atlantic coast. Much of our route is overcast so no views out of the window, but the final approach to Vigo airport is spectacular: we break out of the clouds and a hilly green landscape is revealed, dotted with small farmhouses. The town is set by a steep-sided fjord with three islands just offshore protecting it from the ocean. The airport runway is visible to the right, cut into the wooded hillside. To land, the plane must make a tight 270 degree left turn to lose height quickly and stay away from the hills. Seems like an airport to avoid in bad weather! There is no taxiway, the plane has to make a U-turn and double back along the runway to reach the terminal!

I check into the excellent hotel Palacio de Vigo and have to wait a while for my colleague to turn up late from a different flight, so we opt for a quick meal in a small restaurant nearby the hotel: a plate of tasty _jamon íberico_, a _pulpo a la gallega_ as I had yesterday, accompanied by slices of bread with crushed tomatoes and olive oil, ubiquitous in Spanish restaurants.

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