Arrived at Copenhagen airport and got on a train north – very conveniently. the airport train station is just in front of the arrivals hall. Getting near freezing at this time of year – Brrr!! Good that I have my hat! Stopped along the way to visit a customer, then back on the train to Helsingor. Now it´s almost six and the train is full of commuters – I note a lot of black and brown faces – Denmark is getting to be a multi-ethnic society!

The ferry at Helsingor to take me across the Sund to Helsingborg is just by the train station. The Scandinavians have a good grasp of integrated public transport systems! It´s getting yet colder by the minute, but I step out on the deck to catch the great view over Helsingor castle overlooking the sea – you know, Hamlet´s Elsinore… but I refrain from asking rhetorical questions at this point…

My Man in Sweden meets me at the ferry terminal – a quick meeting at the office then over to the local Scandic hotel where we have dinner. In Scandinavia, fish is a must and I duly order _rökt lax_ (smoked salmon on taost with horseradish cream and dill) and _rödtunga_ (butter-fried lemon sole). Great stuff – I can´t wait to try out the shrimp sandwich and _Gravadlax_ tomorrow!

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