All of USA in a post

Sorry for the lack of news in this USA trip, but there hasn’t actually been much to write home about!!

A lot of jetting around back and forth: Chicago – Minneapolis – Detroit, back to Chicago, then over to Newark, NJ, and finally home via Frankfurt. As you can imagine, much of the time was spent in the air, at airports, or getting to and from airports… In-flight “service” in the US is non existent, consisting at best of a bag of peanuts and a drink, even in so-called “First” class on UA or NW. So the majority of the Americans carry on board the offerings of the airport food counters: “Cinnabons”, garlic pretzels, Chicago pizzas, Big Macs to take away. You can imagine the mix of smells in a departing aircraft!!

The *few* highlights of the trip include:

* general chaos at airports due to “security”, with passengers milling back and forth, not knowing which check point to go through. There is a new organization – the TSA – that apparently has been given authority to *break open* your suitcase locks if it so desires. (I am in dispute with UA about this…)

* the *excellent* beer to be had in Minneapolis – a few glasses of Summit Pale Ale (served cold, naturally) helps to take your mind off the ferocious Minnesota winters, particularly if downed together with a Walleye sandwich (fried fish from the many Minnesota lakes).

* lunch in a private club on top of a Detroit skyscraper, to which a kind customer invited us. A great shrimp salad, pity that it was pouring with rain so there was no view…

* Good dinner at the “Chicago Chop House”:, an institution among Chicago steak houses. Lively, crowded ambiance, a tender 24 oz. New York strip steak, a great Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – Stelzner Vineyards 2000. Expense accounts only. Hey, but a steak is a hunk of meat on the grill, can be done at home too…

For the rest of the time, it was mostly cheeseburgers on the fly!

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