Istanbul dinner

Dinner time! My Man in Turkey arrives, and after a short consultation, we decide to go to Kasibeyaz in Florya, just on the other side of the airport and one of my favourite restaurants in Istanbul! This is an et lokantasi, a restaurant specialising in meat, and the kebabs here are delicious! It is a large establishment, featuring even a large playground for the children, but the number of waiters is astonishing, and service is fast.

MIT takes care of the ordering and soon the starters arrive, plentiful and varied in the Levantine tradition: puréed aubergines, yogurt, a couple of puff pastry cheese börek, some raw spiced meatballs eaten with a leaf of lettuce, and a lahmacun, a small “Turkish pizza”, with parsley and minced meat on top.

The main course is also varied: we have chosen to order a küçük porsyon – a small portion, rather in the Spanish tapa style – of several dishes. We have Adana köfte, spicy meatballs named after the southern Turkish city where spicy food is the norm, a couple of very tender lamb kebabs, roast lamb slices, and finally Adana kebab. A few glasses of excellent Efes Pilsen beer from Izmir to accompany the feast.

To finish we share a classic Turkish dessert: künefe, a nest of pastry threads with honey and soft cheese, served warm. Delicious and very filling! An altogether excellent meal!

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