Istanbul arrival

This week I’m off to Turkey! A regular occasion for me, and always a pleasure as the Turks are a friendly and hospitable people and their cuisine, in the immortal words of the Michelin guide, “vaut un voyage”! This is another distributor support trip, to talk shop with our Man in Turkey and a few customer visits to show the flag.

Usual early morning start from home to catch a 7:45 flight from Venice to….Vienna! It may seem a little strange, but it is in fact a convenient connection eastwards, faster and cheaper than travelling with Alitalia via Rome. The Venice-Vienna leg is in a somewhat cramped Dash 7 turboprop, fast changeover to a roomier A320 to Istanbul, but full of screaming babies that don’t let up screaming until we arrive! Thank God the flight is only 2 hours long!

Two long queues to join at Istanbul airport: before you go through the immigration queue you have to first get a “visa” (in reality an visitors entry tax stamp) – cost 10 Euro for Europeans but 100 USD for Americans!! I wonder why this disparity??

I am met by my Man in Turkey in the arrivals hall and he takes me straight to the Polat hotel near the airport – about 17 km out of Istanbul centre, but comfortable and convenient for his offices. With a cheery goodbye he leaves me until the evening. What can I do but relax by the Olympic poolside for the rest of the afternoon? Every working day should be like this!

2 thoughts on “Istanbul arrival

  1. Right. Arrive for a business trip only to lounge by the pool, drink in hand, and young ladies rubbing in the sunscreen…

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