Barcelona 2

Afternoon spent walking up and down the show. It’s not at the usual exhibition hall by the Placa de Espanya, but in a newly built facility towards the airport. Our local distributors are exhibiting here, but I’ve got a few appointments every day until Thursday morning so I’ve time to waste.

Transfer to hotel around 5 pm. The show works on Spanish time (i.e. 10 am to 7 pm), but I’m knackered after my early start (5:30 am wake up call…) The bus from the fair to the city centre is free, too! And it takes a scenic route up the Montjuïc hill where the 1992 Olympic stadium dominates the Barcelona skyline.

I arrive in the hotel. It’s not my usual one, which was full, but another, organised by my travel agent. I’m not pleased: expensive by Spanish standards at EUR 169 a night, small room, walls that appear to be made of cardboard and T located amongst other 4* hotels up towards the top of the Avinguda Diagonal. Why they should place hotels here, I fail to understand. It’s far away from the Barri Gotic, the Rambla or any area of interest to the tourist or businessman. Maybe because the Royal Palace (Catalonia section) is close by?

After a due rest, it’s time for dinner (that is, about 9-10 pm if you observe Spanish custom). After much walking, I decide on a restaurant called El Suquet in Carrer Valencia. Here they offer a menu degustacion of catalan specialities We start with an assortment of cold starters –
bread with tomatoes and olive oil
ditto with jamon iberico
ditto with anchovy fillets and more oil
broad beans
roast spring onion, aubergine and red pepper in yet more olive oil

4 small plates of seconds:
grilled sausage with white beans
meatballs (?) with wine sauce
lamb chop with boiled potatoes in oily sauce
maybe the best of all – bacalhau (salt cod) in a Provencal-like sauce with tomatoes and vegetables.

To follow, crema catalana, that best can be described as a crème caramel brulée.

I’m not a fan of Spanish cuisine, with its tendency to overload dishes with oil, and this effort confirms my suspicions that it requires further evolution!

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