My second full day in Vegas today. Much like the first: wake up at 4-5 am due to jet lag, toss and turn around in bed, eventually I get up, check mail, breakfast, then off to the convention centre. I’m visiting a janitorial supply exhibition, much like the one in Amsterdam I saw in May. Only this is bigger. Lots of meetings with customers and potential customers.

The fun part starts after the show: we go off to visit the fantastic hotels – Paris complete with Eiffel tower and bistros, Bellagio with huge lake and fountain display, Caesar’s Palace with Roman Forum, the Venetian complete with St. Mark’s campanile and gondolas, the Mirage with exploding volcano, Treasure Island with pirate battle….Vegas is the true capital of kitsch! And people everywhere late at night – a most uncommon sight in American cities. And of course the sights of the casinos: hundreds of slot machines a-ringing at all hours in a cacophony of sound, the yells celebrating a winner on a roll at the craps tables, the discreet side-rooms where middle-aged Chinese ladies bet thousand-dollar chips at Baccarat.

Nothing to report on the foodie front. The convention centre specialities are warmed-up cheeseburgers with greasy fried onions or hot dogs. Last night we chose badly and went to the buffet at Caesar’s: shrimp salad, spare ribs, assorted sweets. OK, it was just $ 16.99 (“gratuity NOT included”), but we could have had better. Tonight we will patronise the steak restaurant in Bally’s, supposedly one of the best in Vegas.

Our Saturday excursion has been decided: we will go to the Grand Canyon! We’ll have an early start, drive over at European speeds and hope to see something before sundown. Hey, it’s supposed to be one of the wonders of the world, it’s not that far, I’ll give it a go! North Rim is closed, so we’ll go to Yavapai Lodge on the South Rim.

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