Looooong day flying today – a trip to the USA beckons! I set off through the usual morning traffic to Venice airport – a full hour and a half is required – I’m always disconcerted when about 10 minutes after take-off I see my town and house below on the right. Think of the time wasted! I could use a company ‘copter instead!

Disorienting arrival at VCE. They inaugurated a new terminal last July and this is my first time here. The car park remains next to the old terminal, so I have to hike a while before I get to check-in. The new terminal is supposedly modelled on old Venetian warehouses. Lots of glass, a zigzag roof.

The LH A320 is full! A cold collation is served over Innsbruck: asparagus, smoked chicken breast, sausage, jumbo shrimp, a Kartoffelsalat, mustard mayo. Two Lindt chocs. A Gerolsteiner Sprudel and a nice Chilean white wine. Didn’t see the label, but quite possibly a Chardonnay! Flight time to Frankfurt – 1h05, we are slightly late on departure, I’ll probably have to rush for the connecting flight to Washington – most likely on the furthest possible pier with the longest security queue…..

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