A grey drizzly day. Ok, the Emerald Isle must get rain to stay green I suppose….

My MII’s family problems have caused disarray in the trip. Ivan (despite the Russian name, he is a genuine Irishman) tries to reorganise visits and make sense of the intended schedule. We visit a few accounts dispersed around Dublin in dreary industrial estates. There is no big deal to be done on this visit: this is a “distributor support” trip – a chance to talk shop, discuss possible new business areas, and a chance for the distributor to wheel me in to a few people to show what a fine company he is representing. They supposedly like this kind of treatment!

At one point we pass through Phoenix Park – a vast green area in Dublin. The presidential palace is located there, with the American ambassador’s residence just in front. A large cross nearby marks the spot of a Papal Mass a few years ago.

I am fascinated by the bilingual English/Irish road signs: Dublin/Baile Atha Cliath – Cork/Corcaigh. The roots of the Irish language are way unfamiliar tro me!

I have to arrange my own evening meal as Ivan has another meeting. It is raining. I am tired. I elect to dine at the hotel bar: steak and chips and a couple of pints of Guinness. Nothing worth writing home about…

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